Плииз помогите вставить. только перевод писать НЕНАДО Write turn on or turn off.1. I'll ... the TV because nobody is watching it.
2. ... the radio! I want to hear the news.
3. You mustn't forget to ... the light.
4. Let's dance. ... the music.


Ответы и объяснения

1)Turn off
2)Turn on
3)Turn off
4)Turn on
3. People sort their rubbish, because they want to help the environment.
4. People use pooper scoopers (совочки) and clean up after their dogs.
5. Nobody drops litter, because they like their towns and cities clean.
6. Nobody goes camping, because it's bad for the environment.
7. There are special factories which recycle materials.
А там задание есть?
Вот: What do you think: Are these statements about people in England true or false?
По-моему,тут все верно,так что будет True.Тут нужно ответить:верны ли эти утверждения?Верны)
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