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6. It is autumn. Every day the air becomes (cold), the leaves (yellow). 7. This is the (beautiful) view I have ever seen in my life. 8. Your handwriting is now (good) than it was last year; but still it is not so (good) as Nick’s handwriting. Nick has a (good) handwriting than you. And of course Nellie has the (good) handwriting of all. 9. Oil is (light) than water. 10. We shall wait for a (dry) day to go on the excursion. 11. A bus is (fast) than a tram. 12. Take some of these sweets: they are very (nice). They are (nice) than the sweets in that box. 13. He clearly did not like the explanation, and as he listened to it, he became (angry) and (angry). 14. He worked (hard) and (hard) as the end of the term came nearer. 15. The (tall) trees in the world grow in California. 16. Please be (careful) next time and don’t spill the milk again. 17. Bobby was a (quiet) child. He was (quiet) than his sister. 18. My pie is (delicious). Everybody says it’s out of this world!


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More cold, more yellow, most beautiful, better, good, lighter, dry, faster, nice, more nice, angrier and angrier, harder and harder, tallest, more careful, quiet, more quiet, the most dalicious.