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(выберите своего любимого персонажа из книги,фильма или из жизни.Напишите о нем,почему он/она вам нравится)


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The action of the play takes place in of Denmark . It tells how Prince Hamlet makes vengeance his uncle King Claudius , killer of the previous king, Hamletovoho father and new husband Hamletovoyi mother, Queen Gertrude . The play vividly recreated course true and feigned madness, which is manifested in deep grief , the frantic rage. Among its themes as betrayal , revenge, incest and moral decline .Despite the best efforts of historians of literature, the exact year of writing remains still controversial. To have survived three days earlier versions of the play : they are known as the "First Quatro » (Q1), « Second Quatro » (Q2) and the " First Folio » (F1). Each of them are rows and even entire scenes that are not in others. In writing Hamlet, Shakespeare apparently opposed to the legend of Amleta , recorded chronicler of the 13th century, Saxo Grammaticus in the " act dan ", and then transferred scientist husband 16th century Francois de Belforestom and perhaps lost on the play Elizabethan era , known today as the " Ur- Hamlet ".Given the complex composition plays and depth of character, Hamlet can be analyzed, interpreted and discussed from different points of view. For example, for many centuries contemporaries amazing hesitation of Hamlet in the matter of the murder of his uncle. Some saw this as a means of continuing the action , others regarded it as a result of the pressure of complex philosophical and ethical issues that surround cold-blooded murder, calculated revenge and vain desires. Closer to the present day critics psychoanalysts imbued subconscious desires of Hamlet, critics and feminists - reassessment and rehabilitation characters of Ophelia and Gertrude .