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1.Do you know how to cook?
Are you good at cooking?
I'm quite good at cooking and help my brother out in the kitchen.The best thing i've ever made was vegetable soup with potatoes and onions for my mum and dad. They really liked it.

During the week, my mum usually puts the radio on to wake me up. At the weekend I'm really good at getting up in the morning - because i can get up later!

I dont know how to prepare big delicious dinners.But I'm not bad at salads, sandwiches. I can do a jacket potato.

I'm not good at getting up. In the morning it takes three hours before i feel fully awake.


Ответы и объяснения

2when your mother puts the radio?
why don weekend really good?
3you know how to cook big tasty dinners?
what are you good at cooking?
4you selenium in rising?
how long does it take time?