Brainstorming: Talk to your parther.... 1. What do you know about the Queen of the UK? 2. Who is the the Queen of the UK? 3. How is the Queen called? 4. When did Elizabeth II become the Queen?


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1.She was the last Monarch of the House of Habsburg and technically (through marriage) the first of this current House of Windsor (even though her grandson would be the one to change his last name) from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor. Queen Elizabeth proclaimed she would retain her last name, and so would those who took the Throne after her.

Queen Victoria started the tradition of wearing White on her wedding day. She was trying to show her people how frugal and thrifty she was by not dying her gown a fancy color.

She is the name we give to an "Age" and to an "architectural style of home." Victorian.'

She had her husbands clothes laid out and his meals set for him everyday until her death. She wore black for the rest of her life.

She had Queen Mary (Princess May of Teck, her 1st cousins daughter) engaged to her son. When he died before the marriage, she then engaged her to her other descendant, George V. Queen Mary is the current Queen's Grandmother.

She started Torchwood. (Just kidding).