помогите пожалуйста выбрать правильный ответ 1. present, past and present perfect. which is right?

1) where__?in a village near london
A-)lives yout uncle B-)does your uncle live C-)your uncle lives D-) does live your uncle
2)i speak italian but___french
A-)i speak not B-)im not speaking C-) i doesnt speak D-) i dont speak
3) wheres tom?___a shower at the moment
A-) hes having B-) he have C-) he has D-) he has had
4) why___angry with me yesterday?
A-) were you B-) was you C-) you were D-) have you been
5) my favourite film is cleos dream. ___it four times
A-) im seeing B-) i see C-) i saw D-) ive seen
6) i___out last night. i was too tired
A-) dont go B-) didnt went C-) didnt go D-) havent gone
7) liz is from edinburgh. she____there all her life
A-) is living B-) has lived C-) lives D-) lived
8) my friend____for me when i arrived
A-) waited B-) has waited C-) was waiting D-) has been waiting
9) how long___english? six months
A-) do you learn B-) are you learning C-) you are learning D-) have you been learning
10) martin is english but he lives in france. he has been there___
A-) for there years B-) since three years C-) three years ago D-) during three years
11) what time___? about an hour ago
A-) has ann phoned B-) ann has phoned C-) did ann phone D-) is ann phoning
12) what____when you saw her?
A-) did sue wear B-) was sue wearing C-) has sue worn D-) was wearing sue
13) can you drive? no___a car but i want to learn
A-) i never drove B-) im never driving C-) ive never driven D-) i was never driving
14) i saw lisa at the station when i was going to work this morning but she___me
A-) didnt see B-) dont see C-) hasnt seen D-) didnt saw

2. Future simple. which is the best alternative?
1) Do you know about sally? ___her job. she told me last week
A-) she leaves B-) shes going to leave C-) shell leave
2) theres a programme on television that i want to watch.____in five minutes
A-) it starts B-) its starting C-) it will start
3) the weather is nice now but i think____later
A-) it rains B-) its raining C-) it will rain
4) what___next weekend? nothing special. why?
A-) do you do B-) are you doing C-) will do you
5) when you see ann can you ask her to phone me? ok___her
A-) i ask B-) im going to ask C-) ill ask
6) what would you like to drink tea or coffee?
A-) i have B-) im going to have C-) ill have

пожалуйста срочно помогите!!!!


Ответы и объяснения


1) b
2) d
3) a
4) a
5) d
6) c
7) b
8) d
9) a
10) c
11) a
12) a
13) c
14) a

1) b
2) c
3) c
4) will you do
5) c
6) c

Наверняка не все верно, но я старалась)