Помогите пожалуйста :)нужно составить текст про стресс
слов 200

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Что это такое, например из-за чего он бывает , пример , если не трудно :)

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Stress is a common thing in global society. Stress is usually based on the situations, that make us feel nervous or angry about something. Frustration, tireness are one of symptoms of stress. Practically all of us has difficult situations- in the school, in the university or at work. Stress is a feeling when you don't want to do anything and you are tired of doing some things. I can also give you an example of stress- many of people work in factories, and all the atmosphere after the working day makes them feel unhappy and stressed. But there are some people on our Earth , who can stand still for all the stresses, but its very uncommon.
The biggest reason of stress is also a lack of sleep. 
We have to think about ourselves to be able to cope with all our stresses and problems.