З прямої мови утворити непряму 1. The teaсher said to Jack "You work hard,I know.You are good boy" 2. The old man said to the girl, "You can sing perfectly.I think you will be a famous singer". 3. My sister said to me, "You looked yesterday.I think you have recovered after your illnes" 4. "You are an excellent cook.Everything is s tasty"said me quest to me 5.The student said, " I can*t answer this question.I don*t understand it."


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 1The teacher said to Jack thet he is working hard and he is a good boy.2The old man said to the girl thet shi can sing perfectly and he think shi will be a famous singer.5The student said thet he can*t answer this question and don*t understand it.

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The teacher said to Jack that she know that he worked hard and then told him that he's a good boy.

The old man said to the girl, that she's can sing perfectly and that he think that she will be a famous singer

My sister said to me that i looked yesterday and that she think i have recovered after my illnes

The guest said to me that everything is tasty and that im an excellent cook..

The student said that he/she cant answer this question, because he/she dont understand it.