Can you say it differently? ОБРАЗЕЦ:Glasgow is not as big as London.(big/small). Glasgow is smaller than London.London is bigger than Glasgow. 1)The dinner table is not as low as the coffe table.(high/low). 2)A collie dog is not as weak as poodle.(strong/weak). 3)Autumn is not as dry as summer.(dry/rainy). 4)A park is not as big as a forest.(big/small). 5)My sister is not as old as my brother.(old/young). 6)The cinema is not as old as the theatre.(old/new) 7)The coffe is not as hot as the tea.(hot/cold).


Ответы и объяснения

The dinner table is higher than the coffee table. a collie dog is stronger than poodle/ autumn is more rainy than summer/ a park is smaller than a forest/ my sister is younger than my brother/ the cinema is more new than theatre/ the coffee is colder than tea