B Choose the correct word a, b, or c to complete 1–10.

(1) Exactly when did Fred get _________ financial difficulties?

a) into b) onto c) out

(2) We _ many difficult subjects at the University last year

a) learned b) learn c) have learned

(3) Next month the workers of the enterprise _________high salaries.

a) get b) got c) will get

(4) The chief-accountant always salary to his employees twice _________ a month.

a) - b) during c) in

(5) Last week customers of this bank got long-term loans _________ interest.

a) with b) under c) on

(6) The students of this group _________already all the exams and tests.

a) passed b) have passed c) pass

(7) The rate of currency exchange has _________increased in Karelia this year.

a) much b) very c) so

(8) The clerks of this bank always help clients to fill _________ applications and form documents.

a) out b) in c) -

(9) Have you ever _________ consumer credits in city private banks?

a) took b) taken c) taking

(10) Customers of town supermarkets often get _________ for low quality goods.

a) payments b) fee c) repayment


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  • stern
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1)     a) into                     

(2)     a) learned            

(3)    c) will get

(4) a) -            

(5)      b) under      

(6)           b) have passed     

(7) a) much                        

(8)    b) in                   

(9)    b) taken         

(10)       c) repayment