Помогите перевести на английский текс там где написаны рыбы тоесть про знак зодиака рыбы
правильно спасибо!!

можешь по ровней сфоткать что бы лусше видно ло
да конечно)
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The image comes from a Greek myth of Aphrodite and Эросе, which became fish to jump into the river and escape from the monster named Typhon.
The symbol denotes the two fish, which hold in their mouths binds them "silver thread". Usually fish draw глядящими in different directions, which refers to the conflict in man between body and soul.
Empathy, flexibility and self-denial. This super-sensitive sign, has been highly sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of other people. Fish tend unconsciously absorb other people's ideas and views. Fish is not a very strong will, they depend on circumstances. It is useful for them to learn to stand on their own feet.
Sign of duality. Pisces difficult to make a decision, they often tired, it distracts them in for sports, to perform hard work. Fish - not fighters. Their aversion to disputes makes them shy. Better for them to injustice than forced to struggle for their rights.

If patience Fish bursts, they may get angry so that their long cannot calm down. Fish charming, their charm, humor and participation provide them with many doors. They can be diligent and accurate as fish, flowing upstream. The mood of Fish varies from extreme optimism to black melancholy.
Fish do not seek to material goods, because instinctively understand that the search for self for them would be successful only if the physical needs will not be for them a source of concerns. Often the Fish is useful to learn to deal with their own and with someone else's goods more careful.

Fish feel well the thin currents in human relationships and tend to stay away from the other. Protect your individuality, carefully listen to your inner voice. Love living dreams. If this capacity to develop and monitor, you can develop great acting ability. Under this sign are born poets, musicians, sculptors.
Musicality is an innate quality of Fish. Among them are many singers. Often the Fish are more than a rich imagination. Thanks to this well feel someone else's painful reaction to words and deeds. Different sincere sympathy.

Many Fish are ready to do everything in the name of suffering, in particular, to work in bad conditions. They devote themselves to the sick and desperate and do not require any reward. If they found themselves, they are friendly, generous, loyal, 're dedicated. Their feelings are tender and sincere, they close their eyes to the shortcomings favorite.
Lack of Fish fatalism. They must learn to understand that we are not powerless in their destiny, look at yourself realistically, use all the opportunities that are at their disposal. Not realizing his fatalism Fish, they are agitated and lost. Realising it gives them a chance to develop.
Motto - "I believe".