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Ex. 1. Complete the sentences using the words from the box if necessary.

along, for, from, in, to, with, of (2)
E x a m p 1 e: a) I'll phone you ___ this week.
I'llphone you this week.

b) Mary spoke ____ a loud voice.
Mary spoke in a loud voice.

1 ) What kind ___ dog is that? - It is a police dog.
2) In summer I like to have lunch ___ the open air.
3) Dickens had a vocabulary of 10,000 ___ words.
4) This sea resort is popular ___ the tourists.
5) He doesn't believe ___ all what I say.
6) It sounds ____ true.
7) The sailors couldn't see land ___ a long time.
8) Who does this mobile phone belong ___ ?
9) The Browns drove ___ the road.
10) French and Spanish developed ___ Latin.
11) Elsa has a strange way ____ speaking English,
maybe it is because of her German accent.

Ex. 2 Complete these dialogues.Ε x a m p 1 e: — The film is so long!
— It's the (long) film I ever (see). It's the longest film I have ever
seen.1) — The hill is so high!- It's the (high) hill I ever (climb).2) —
The cake is so tasty!— It's the tastiest cake I ever (make).3) — She is
such a talented actress!— She's (talented) actress I ever (meet).4) —
This text is so difficult!— It's (difficult) text I ever (read).5) –
Jack’s pronunciation is so beautiful!- Jack’s pronunciation is
(beautiful) I ever (hear).6) – The dance concert is so interesting!-
It’s (interesting) dance concert I ever (take part) in.Ex. 3 Correct the
sentences if they are incorrect.
We have hired a DVD yesterday.
Mary just started watching this comedy.
They never saw a horror film.
I saw this film last weekend.
I have read the book but I didn’t see the film.
Ex. 4 Write about yourself. Use the ideas.
(something you did on Saturday evening) _____________________________________________________
(something you have done today) ______________________________________________________
(something you have not done today) ______________________________________________________
(something you didn’t do on Saturday evening) ______________________________________________________

Ex. 5. Transform the sentences into Present Perfect. Use appropriate adverbs of time.

I was in Turkey last summer. (several times)

She reads books every day. (already)

They traveled to Italy by boat. (never)

I had lunch at 13.00 yesterday. (just)

We saw funny cartoon characters when we were in Paris Disneyland. (yet)

Ex.6 Put the words in the correct order to make up sentences.

you/arrived/just/have? hasn’t/she/yet/packed/suitcase/her.


Ответы и объяснения

1. of 2. in 3. of 4. among 5. in 6. like 7. for 8. to 9. along 10. from 11. of 

I have been to Turkey several times
She has already read books 
They have never travelled to Italy by boat. 
I had just had lunch
We have seen funny cartoon characters when we have been in Paris Disneyland.

Ex.6 Put the words in the correct order to make up sentences.

Have you just arrived? She hasn't packed her suitcase yet
I have been to an adventure before.
Have you ever shaken hands with cartoon characters?
I have never seen a robot. 
I have been to an adventure before. в этом что-то не то...
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