Составьте текст на английском языке 20 предложений с 20 неправильными глаголами


Ответы и объяснения

1) I have already heard this story(present perfect)
2)She sat on the sand(past simple)
3)I often forget my books(present simple)
4) He has not done homework yet(present perfect)
5)When did he get lost?(past simple)
6)he has just sent a letter(present perfect)
7)Yesterday i saw a film at the sinema(past simple)
8)he has yet  written a  book(present perfect)
9)he went to london last friday(past simple)
10)he has just found a museum(present perfect)
11)they shown it to the public yesterday(past simple)
12)he has already read the book(present perfect)
13)I have known my friends since 2006(present perfect)
14)she have gone to art school for four years(present perfect)
15)the cat was better and it went to live with masha(past simple)
16)i couldnt believe it(past simple)
17)her mum bought her cat last year(past simple)
18)she hasnt sung for last month(present perfect)
19)my little sister has gone to school for four years(present perfect)
20)julia was born in 1989(past simple)