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  • Aywen
  • середнячок

                                  ''Be in harmony with nature''

   A person living in harmony with nature and yourself, not have the disease.
We learn to live in harmony with family, friends and the outside world, to be comfortable to the body and soul. Learning to take care of your health.
   Nature - everything necessary for human life. Often, both adults and children, tear offthe flowers, twigs of trees, not thinking about that man should grow a tree. How beautiful is nature!
    In spring there are the first sprouts from the ground, as if taking the first steps.Summer in the gardens, the gardens are blooming with colorful flowers fluffy hats.With the onset of the autumn period, the trees turn yellow - it's time to close the golden autumn. 
    Everyone is obliged to care about the nature of our country.
    Protect the beauty and uniqueness of their native land - a common concern of allpeople living in it, their responsibility and sacred duty.