Помогите пожалуйста написать 20 причин на тему: быть или не быть вегитарианцем) естественно на английском языке)


Ответы и объяснения

Быть вегетарианцем: 
1 . Death threat from heart attack for the average American: 50%2 . The consumer more than a half of all water used in the USA: agricultural industry3 . Number of gallons of the water necessary for production of pound of wheat: 25 .4 . Less than one of 250.000 slaughtered animals is checked on existence in bodies toxic chemicals.5  .  Percent of maternal milk in the USA, DDT containing a significant amount:  99  .  6 . Quantity of the animals killed in the USA at an o'clock: 660.0007 . Profession with the highest level of turnover of staff: worker of a slaughter.8 . Profession with the highest risk of receiving traumas on a workplace: worker of a slaughter.9  .  For women who eat eggs every day, in comparison with those who eats them once a week:  2.8  time. 10 . Increase of risk of a disease by a fatal cancer of a prostate for men who use meat, cheese, eggs and milk daily, in comparison with those who uses them seldom or doesn't use in general: 3.6 time.