Опишите свой город как место туристического паломничества (г. Темрюк).


Ответы и объяснения

What I like most in our town are the places to visit and stay in. They are not only attractive for residents but for tourists as well. If you are stuck with nothing to do, so let you go to our local shopping center. There are a lot of cafes and stores where you can have a rest and forget about your problems.
This shopping centre is situated nearby the Military Hill. The museum of various types of weapons such as planes, ships and tanks used duaring the Second World War. Taking photos there is out of the question but it is not for free either. It's worth visiting really.
Keen on brown skin and cinnamon tan? So why don't you go to Golubitskaya? It's a splendid opportunity to relax and meet new people. You won't be bored too because there is a voleyball net on the beach for those who like team sports. After game you can go in search for a quick snack or just go to swimm. If you want to buy something that would remind your vacation don't miss the souvenir box. 
Our cultural life is also well-organized. The cinema "Taman' " offers a wide range of movies both love stories for couples and comedies for the whole family. Don't forget to buy popcorn and drinks to make your film watching more interesting and entertaining. Lifelike 3D images projected onto the cinema screen make you feel as if you really are being chased by hungry lions or transported a quarter of a million miles away to the moon!...But you should keep in mind that tickets might be expensive enough. Anyway, it is a must!