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Помогите пожалуйста выполнить задание:
Comlete the sentences.
1.Bob didn't.... us anything about his new computer game.
a)speak b) say c) tell
2. He.... very slowly, so the students understood him.
a) spoke b) said c) told
3. Will you ...us about your school party?-Certainly.
a) speak b) say d) tell
4. She .... that she likes to read stories in English.
a) speaks b) says c) tells
5. Do your friends..... French or Spanish?-French.
a) speak b) say c) tell
6. Don't ..... me how the film ends, I want to wathit at the weekend! a) speak b) say c) tell
7.Oh,no! The vase is broken. Wat will I.... to mum.
a) speak b) say c) tell
1.say 2.spoke 3.tell 4.says 5.speak 6.tell 7.say кажется так


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