Срочно 100 пунктов,помогите поажлуйста англичане;(

Write 5 questions about the holidays; Scan-read the texts choosing the right options. Then answer the questions with info you got from the texts. If you do not find the answers to your questions, leave them the way it is.


Ответы и объяснения


1) When is Canada Day celebrated? - It is celebrated on the 1st of July.
2) Where is the biggest display? - In the capital of the country, in Ottawa.
3) When is Independence Day of America celebrated? -  It is celebrated on the 4th of July.
4) Do many families spend this day having a picnic? - Yes/ they do.
5) Do people decorate their houses? Yes, they decorate their houses with balloons and streamers.
Canada Day
1) governing
2) a day off
3) outdoor
4) used to
5) sworn
6) identity
7) capital
8) held
9) make, event
Independence Day
1) signed
2) numeral
3) associated
4) picnic
5) decorate
6) balloons
7) patriotic
8) attending
9) outdoors