What does Jane say about her classmates Fill in the gaps with the verbs from the box in the correct form. There is one extra verb.

Слова ( bully, get on, trust , hurt, call , chat, tell, quarrel. )

Образец: - When i was in primary school, some boys (0) called me names.

- Linda enjoys (1) ________ with her friends on the telephone.
- Paul didn't want to (2) ________ me. He was very sorry.
- The boys in my class (3) _________ well with the girls.
- I can't (4) ________ Mike. I think he (5) ________ always ________ the truth.
- Sue often (6) _________________ with her little brother.


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- Linda enjoys (1) chatting with her friends on the telephone. 
- Paul didn't want to (2) hurt me. He was very sorry. 
- The boys in my class (3) get on  well with the girls. 
- I can't (4) trust Mike. I think he (5) does not always tell the truth. 
- Sue often (6) quarrels with her little brother.