Написать письмо другу 100-120 слов или больше,на тему как я съездил на спортивное соревнование


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Dear Anton,I am writing to tell you about my next winter holidays.I want to spend them in mountains. Skiing is a very popular sport in my country. It is very interesting. Even our prime minister likes skiing, it is his hobby. I began to ski with my father and sister in my childhood. We often go the forest and spend our time there. I think that the fresh air, clear nature and sport are very healthy for me. That’s why my hobby is skiing.The mountain-skiing camp site is situated in Karpaty. It is about 200 kilometers from my сity. This camp site is very popular and many people visit it every year. There are 4 skiing tracks. Three of them are for skiing and one is for snowboards. In addition, there is the elevator, a cafe and the house, where you can have a rest. The length of the track is about 3 kilometers. The speed that you can gather there is very fast. Later, after this camp site I want to visit my grandfather who lives in another city. I miss him.So, that is all about my holidays. Write to me more often. Good luck.Truly Yours,Maksim
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Dear Jon,
Thank u for your latter , I was glag to receive it.
 This summer My school class and I went to the Soshi. In Saki, it's a special rest place for pupils. We have very interesting proggram and games, but best of all I liked our Basketball competition between Soshis shools. We went to the centre area in Soshi and played 3 games. It was very difficult to win it, but we have done. We a the champions.And do u like active life? Have u ever took part in sport competition?
Oh, I'm sorry, my mum is calling.Write soon. Don't forget to say hi to your parent.
All the best,
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