Rewrite the sentences in Reported Speech.(это не перевод)
“I want to build a new house,” said Jill.
“Our teacher is giving us a test!” said Michelle.
“Shall I study math or English?” Sally asked her best friend.
“Why have you taken my CD without asking me?” I asked Toni.
“Could I have your e-mail address?” she asked Mariella.
“We are working on our website tomorrow,” Janet said.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Jill said that she wanted to build a new house. 
2. Michelle said that their teacher  was  giving  them a test.
Sally asked her best friend if she rill study math or English.
I asked Toni why he had taken my CD without asking me.
5. S
he asked Mariella if she could have her e-mail address.
Janet said that they were working on their website the next day.