Преобразуйте слова.
Feeling bored on a Saturdey evening? If you keep changing
B10 channels and there is nothing ____ INTEREST
to watch, why dont you try going to
the cinema? Most newspapers and magazines
B11 have ___ about the best films. If you INFORM
arent a cinema-goer ther are other choices.
For those of you who prefer classical
B12 dance there are balet _____ . If you like PERFORM
cuture the local
B13 museum hosts some amazing ______ exhibits. HISTORY
If you find all this boring you can go on a
roller-coaster at the local funfair.
B14 There are also many pop and rock concerts with FAVOUR
your ______ singer and groups.
Have a nice time!


Ответы и объяснения

10.   interesting
11.   information
12.   performances

13.   historic
14.   favourite