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They say that nature is our mother. It gives us everything we need for life, although we are not always able to estimate its gifts. What could be better than a warm sun, majestic mountains, playful sea, flowering trees in the spring? What is the worth hundreds of thousands of species of animals, of which we have never seen in my life! And the main thing, that man is not simply uses what nature gives him and himself and is its integral part.

We used to live in a world which seems to have created themselves. Live in big houses, equipped with high-tech appliances, can travel long distances through transport. Also we can keep track of what is happening in every corner of the world thanks to the Internet and television. But in any case we use the knowledge of the laws of nature and its energy to create these technologies. And in the extreme case, people can do without all this, as our ancestors and some modern primitive tribes.

But you can't live, if it is impossible to enjoy the fresh morning air, play with the tender kitten, bask in the summer sun, the scent of the roses, see high in the sky the light of the already non-existent stars. Someone may not agree, but I think that we all need these simple pleasures. No wonder people love to go to the countryside, because communication with it helps them to relax, unwind and gather strength for the solution of important problems in our «human» world.