Преобразуйте слова. ПОЖАЛУЙСТА
Kavin Hayes is 18 years old. He loves sport and he has a
B3 dangerous hobby. He ______ waterfalls ! CLIMB
How is this possibale
B4 The answer is easy.He ______ in the NOT CLIMB
summer but he climbs
B5 in the winter when everything ______ . FREEZE
At the moment Kevin
B6 _____ plans for his next climb. He is going MAKE
to travel to the Canadian Rockies next January.
He want to climb a big waterfall
B7 there. Kevin _____ to be very fit for his hobby, HAVE
and he is
B8 training this month. Every day he _______ RUN
for an hour and he
B9 goes swimming. Many people thing Kevin _____ Be
crazy. Maybe I am he says. But I just love it!


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