Сочинение на английском языке на тему: "Моё отношение к книгам"


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My attitude to books - real books as objects rather bizarre way .First I bought knigi.Eto were " just good " books that I was not going to immediately read - many of them have remained unread , and now they are sending off the shelves in my direction fleeting rays of guilt every time you look at them falls . It seemed to me that I " collect personal library ." Also, I could not imagine even the possibility to sell or throw away the book that I did not like , or that I just will not re-read , the very thought of it seemed to me impossible.I gradually realized that my attitude towards books has changed dramatically. By the time I got used to the idea of ​​the network as the main source of information, though usually much more convenient than going to the library or even in the next room to the bookcase . Number of books available in the network, increased daily , not only in Russian but also in English (though not in such a public domain, as in the Russian network). I used to read long texts and entire books from the screen - no, this is not entirely true - I used it often worked , but I no longer consider it the worst , second-class way of reading , compared with a real book in your hands . Moreover, over time, I began to feel some irritation at the thought of all the books that I have the feeling that they have all their weight as it pressed against the ground. Anyway , I thought, I do not really complete library in which it would be all that would have interested me , at least from the classical and well-known authors , not to mention the updates - and never will be, because this takes ten times as much space , and I was already burdened the existing cabinets . As I saw a vague ideal of a fully digital library that exists in one place on your hard drive (not counting a backup) . Yes , text files, may not be as easy to read as a book , and certainly not easy to make notes in the margins (but I am also in the books they never do , however) . But how well , I thought, the book be a file , rather than gathering dust bar of dead wood on the shelf! The file can be in one second to find what you're looking . File, you can instantly share with anyone and reproduce in any number of copies. I 've never had much respect for the physical embodiment of the book , I always understood that it is infinitely more important than the content . But the file - this is the focus of the content in one place, free from the tyranny of the three-dimensional material.If the book has been available online, I will download it , and did not buy the printed version .Finally , again slowly and almost imperceptibly to myself, there was another shift in my attitude to the books. At first I did not know why, was trying to print a large text or a book instead of reading from the screen (I do not know why: I have not worsened vision , reading from the screen was unpleasant for me , I discovered reading prints it and I used to be very familiar - but somehow subtle way it began to seem to me more appropriate and enjoyable ) . In a strange way I got back to the long-standing preference for the book -as- object -as- book file, but with significant changes . I do not care anymore that I do not have specific books that I read and consider important : I'm not going to buy them only in order to improve and fill up " the library" - and generally buy only what is immediately going to read (even though does not always work out for different reasons) . Libraries feeling disappeared with a capital letter, from which , once having got into it, the book will not disappear. I generally like it's my new attitude to books , though somewhat alarming is that all these changes happened as described above would be out of my own will , not by conscious choice , but the source of our preferences and decisions - a topic for another discussion.