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In your notebook, write statements to which you could add these comments.

My painting won first prize, which was quite unexpected.
1____, which made me mad.
2____, which I really appreciated.
3____, which changed my plans for the future.
4____, which scared me to death.


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1) My mom liked to watch soap serials, which made me mad. Моя мама любила смотреть мыльные оперы, которые сводили меня с ума меня с ума.
2) My dad presented me a very important thing, which I really appreciated. - Мой папа подарил мне очень важную вещь, которую я действительно ценил.
3) I had read the book, which changed my plans for the future. - Я прочитал книгу, которая изменила мои планы на будущее.
4) I saw a horror film, which scared me to death.- Я видел фильм ужасов, который напугал меня до смерти. -