Помогите ответить на вопросы)
2) Do you know any good restaurants in your town?
3) What colour are London buses?
4) What would you like to make: a tour of Moskow or a tour of St. Petersburg?
5) What monuments do you know in your town?
6) Are supermarkets usually big or small?
7) Where do people usually buy vegetable and flowers?
8) Where do people go when they want to look at good pictures?
9) What is there in the centre of your town?
10)To what places do tourists usually go?
11)Would you like to go to on a world tour?
12)What are you going to do tomorrow?


Ответы и объяснения

2) Yes, I do. Osaka, Rice, etc.
3) Red
4) I'd like to make a tour to St.Petersburg.
5) Monuments of Lenin, Pushkin and many other famous people.
6) They are big.
7) In the shops.
8) Art galleries.
9) The Bol'shaya Sagovaya.
10) Parks and places of interest.
11) Yes, I would.
12) I am going to go to school and then to do my homework.
Yes, I do. Chento....
London bus has a red colour
I'd like to make a tour to St. Petersberg

They are enough big
In supermarkets
To a gallery
A huge central park

Yes, i would
To do my homework, read books and walk with friends