write a letter inviting your english pen friends to come to your home town. write about what your place is famous for.
describe the weather and climate in your area.

В школе писал на эту тему... сейчас поищу....
неа, не нашел(
Не то конечно... если бы я знал что описывать...

Ответы и объяснения

 Dear Laurence,
I hope you had a good vacation. After the heat of this summer I am sure you must be glad to be back at your work again.
 As for me, the vacation was all I could have asked for. I spent the first two weeks at home at my native place. Then I went to Novgorod for a week, and at the end- of the summer I took a trip to Moscow with my elder sister. We had a very good time indeed.
What do you say to spending the winter holidays together?
Best regards,