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ABBA ( in Russian - ABBA ) - Swedish musical quartet that existed in the years 1972-1982 and named for the first letters of the names of the performers. Is one of the most successful teams in the history of popular music and the most successful of the number created in Scandinavia record groups around the world have sold over 350 million copies [1 ] [2 ] . Singles quartet took first place in the world charts since the mid -1970s (Waterloo) until the early 1980s (One of Us), and albums , compilations led the world charts in the 2000s . [3] They stayed in the radio play lists , and their albums continue to sell to this day.

They were the first representatives of continental Europe , who won first place in the charts of all major English-speaking countries (U.S., UK , Canada , Ireland , Australia and New Zealand) .

The group ABBA has been included in the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll Hall of Fame March 15, 2010 [ 4] [ 5].