Cоставить диалог на английском языке на тему. prepare for your proiect "at an international airport".
he/she has arrived in the UK.
What should he/she do?
What must he/she be careful about?
What question may he/she have?What might people say to him/her?


Ответы и объяснения

- hey ,can I help you?
- no, thanks , I just waiting my manager. Probably, he is late.
- Do you have youre own bissness here?
- yes I have
- what is it?
- it's the travel agency.
- Wow, really? I would like to visit youre firm.
- sure, but it's not here.
- and whereabouts?
- in London. You are welcome! Oh, I see my manager and I should to go. Nice to talk to you, bye!
- be careful! This is airport very big! Don't transfer your eyes from youre manager. Bye, have a nice day!