Напишите пожалуйста небольшую страшилу на английском !
очень надо!


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It all started with a quarrel with his wife , as usual, because of being a trifle . They fought plates were flying strong buzzwords ... I left the house without closing the door, got into his car and drove to a friend huntsman . He has long been invited to come sometime , so I decided to take advantage of his hospitality. Here are a few hours away in the car and I am his . Friend ( Gregory or simply Grisha ) greeted me warmly , drink tea and bread and made a bed of a sleeping bag and pillow. Utrom woke up and said that he had to make morning rounds territory (such as protecting the forest from poachers ) and suggested we go together. Gave me a knife and we moved on , talking quietly . With us still send it ( Grishina ) Zhuzhik dog . Dog and then ran forward to sniff a bush or tree ...
Grisha suddenly raised his hand . I stopped. Listened.And I heard a faint thud and had very very far away, apparently.- Not far from the apiary Victor cuts . - Said the huntsman . There was a muffled sound. - Tumble down a skunk . Well, now do not have time to walk away - carry off .- Who ? - I asked.- Someone who cuts trees in the gap for this area. Oh well , it is still not going in the wrong direction.
Gregory showed me a lot of interesting places. A giant beaver dam on the river , a huge tree in a dense thicket . In the branches of the tree nests built themselves around a hundred families of birds, bird directly dormitory .And then away from us roar .- What is it ?- I do not know - Huntsman listened in silence. - I do not know . Not a wolf, no one at all . I can not understand . Ladnenko , VOROTAN