Закончите предложения, используяЗакончите предложения, используя инфинитив или герундий.И переведите предложения на русский. 1) I started (write) ______ my letter this afternoon.2) She promised (go) ________ to the doctor.3) (Travel) __________ by air is interesting.4) She enjoys (cook) ________ Indian meals.5) Would you mind (open) ________ the window?6) Let me (explain) _____ the exercise to you.7) I'm looking forward to (see)_________ my parents again.8) Peter gave up (learn) _______ Chinese.9) Last night, we tried (call) ______ our parents.10) Are you interested in (visit) _______ museums?11) My mother had forgotten (buy) _______ sugar. So she made me (go) _____ back to the supermarket.12) Have you finished (paint) the room yet? No, I haven't.13) I hope (see) _______ you again soon.14) May I (help) ______ you? Yes, you can start (clean) the kitchen. 15)___________We agreed (cook) ______ a typical English meal for our guests.16) He dislikes (dance) _________.17) Is (eat) _______ ice-cream allowed on this bus?18) Don't let him (drive) __________ the car. Заранее спасибо)


Ответы и объяснения

1) writing
2) what he go
3) Traveling 
4) when, сooking
Дальше сам мне лень.