Помогите, определить в каком времени стоит, сказуемое

1) One-tenth of all the people who have ever lived on the planet are alive today

2) 97 per cent of population growth is occurring in developing countries.

3) The developing world will have doubled by 2050.

4) The population is becoming economically and demographically polarized.

5) The population has also got younger.

6) The girls are staying in school longer in most of the world.

7) Young women who `ve completed secondary school delay their marriage.

8) Statistics like these are frightening.


Ответы и объяснения

1) Present Perfect
2) Present Continious
3) Future Simple
4) Present Continious
5) Present Perfect 
6) Present Continious
7) Present Perfect
8) Present Continious
1) present perfect
2) present continious
3) future perfect
4) present progressive
5) present perfect
6) present progressive
7) present perfect
8) present simple
в 8 present progressive
в 8 present simple. Frightening в данном случае - не глагол
там спорный вопрос, можно и в progressive поставить, зависит от контекста
да, это не глагол