Напишите пожалуйста текст про стихийные бедствия например торнадо и т.п.


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Nearly two thousand years ago, in 79 AD, a volcano called Vesuvius erupted on the west coast of Italy, south of Naples. It was one o’clock on 24th August. In the busy Roman port of Pompeii, people were walking about in the streets, families were preparing lunch and children were playing. Suddenly Vesuvius erupted. There was a loud explosion. There was dust and ash everywhere. People rushed into the streets screaming. Children ran to their parents crying. People tried to run away, taking their things with them. They tried to escape, but most of people and animals died.
Vesuvius has erupted many times. The last big eruption was in 1944. Will Vesuvius erupt again? Nobody knows. If it does, it might be a small eruption or a big one. Some people live close to Vesuvius because the soil around it is good for growing crops. But it is also very dangerous.
Hurricanes are very strong winds that come from the sea. Warm wet air rises in a spiral and goes faster and faster – over 160 km an hour. In 1992, «Hurricane Andrew» hit Florida. The people there had to leave their homes and move to other towns and wait. When the hurricane arrived, it killed 15 people and destroyed thousands of buildings. More than 50 000 people had nowhere to live.
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An awful flood happened in China in 1998. It was caused by heavy rainfall. Nearly 4000 people were killed. The flood destroyed houses and left millions of people homeless, a lot of farmland was damaged.
Ужасное наводнение произошло в Китае в 1998 году. Это было вызвано проливными дождями. Почти 4000 человек были убиты.Наводнение уничтожило домов и оставило миллионы людей остались без крова, многие сельскохозяйственные угодья было повреждено.