напишите пожалуста письмо по английскому на тему "какую музыку слушают подростки в России?"


Ответы и объяснения

Music , especially modern forms an integral part of the lives of teenagers and young people. It is they - the main consumers of music production .
Nowadays, teenagers are actively listening to music : in transport, in the street , at home , in the classroom , etc. Someone with the help of music is relaxing, someone on the contrary , the music helps to concentrate and find the right solution to a certain problem . In the world there are many varieties of styles of music: classical, pop , rap , metal, etc. And all this music somehow affects the aesthetic education of young people , on the formation of life ideals and principles. A form personalities and aesthetic culture - note the many writers , teachers , artists ( Makarenko , Kabalevsky , Sukhomlinsky , Ushinsky ) - particularly important in the most favorable adolescence or school age. A sense of the beauty of nature surrounding the people, things creates a special child emotional and mental state , to bring a direct interest in life, sharpens the curiosity, develops thinking , memory , will, and other psychological processes . As the psychological and sociological studies, emasculated , morally and aesthetically many areas of popular culture negative impact on the socialization of adolescents, which requires the active intervention of science for the socio- psychological study of the impact of the effects of culture on the formation of the psyche of the modern teenager . Severe strain developed in the last two decades in the formation of ideals , moral values ​​is disorientation of many people , especially young people , dictates the need to find ways to design changes , both at the individual level and at the level of the various youth groups. ( BS Volkov, AV Mudrik , VS Mukhin A.V.Semenov , V.E.Chudnovsky , TI Shulga , NM skins D. Feldstein and others . ) .
Naked aggression vulgarity and immorality on the part of many media , especially television , leads to serious changes in the ideals and ideas of modern teenagers . According to E.A.Petrovoy , are biased and tender images of and ideas about family and love relationships , as well as a wide range of many traditionally revered in the mentality of the Russian people qualities : honesty, integrity , courtesy , etc.
Adolescence , by virtue of their psycho-physiological characteristics , is characterized by the need for intense physical and mental stress , however , that modern rhythmic music is more conducive to the realization of this need. In addition , adolescence is characterized by a need for intensive communication