1)как можно озаглавить этот текст?one day a man lost his dog. He put an advertisement in the newspaper and hoped that somebody would telephone him news of his pet. It was easy to identify the dog. It had only three legs and had also lost an ear in a fight with a rotweiler. Unfortunately,the dog was blind,too-the result of a fight with a cat. And if someone found th dog they could check its name. Its neck with its name on it Lucky
2)как можно озаглавить этот текст?The British conductor Sir thomas Beecham was walking one day with a friend of his sister's.Her name was Utica Beecham turned to the girl and said,I don't like your first name. I'd like to change it. You can't do that,she replied,but you cam change my surname. They got married soon afterwards
3)и здесь тоже как озаглавить?A woman,Mrs Smith was in hospital after the birth of her son.She was trying to decide what to call her son,when she walked past a door. It was the name KING on it. That's a good name,she thougth. A little later,she walked past another door and this time she saw the name NOSMO.But she liked it,too and so her son was named Nosmo Kind Smith. It was only six months later that she discoverd her terrible mistake.
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Думаю, что можно так : 

1) Lucky (Про собаку Лаки, ее имя)
2) Marriage (Женитьба, там про это)
3) Nosmo (Это имя, суть про это)