Выберите правильное слово в тексте.
1. а) the b) -
2. a) particular b) particularly
3. a) title b) name
4. a) a b) the
5. a) pick up b) pick on
6. a)keep with b) keep up with
7. a) context b) content
8. a) what b) that
9. a) in b) at
10. a) spoke b) spoken
Most large cities in (1)... UK have a local dialect. A dialect is a version of English that is used in that (2)... area or city. It can usually be explained by the history of the area and has a (3)... . In Liverpool there is Scouse, in London there is Cockney and in Newcastle (4)... local dialect is Geordie. If you spend time in Newcastle, you will soon (5)... the Geordie dialect. It can be difficilt to (6)... the local people at first bit listening to a dialect in (7)... makes it easier to catch on to (8)... people are saying. When you arrive (9)... a new city in the IK, one of the first things you will notice will be the local accent. Usually, (10)... words will sound different to the way you remember from eour English lessons. Выберите правильное слово в тексте.


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