Исправь ошибки :1) He will helps about the houses . 2) She shall do her homework in the evening . 3) they will buy a new game in afternoon. 4) your little sister ussually goes to the bed at 8 o clock (там запятая есть я незнаю как на кллаве она пишетстся ), doesn t she ? 5)I had the good time there . 6) we shalln t go to school tomorrow . 7) they willn t play tennis next Sunday . 8) The weather is nice today , is it ? 9 ) Tom was at school , didn t he ? 10) They went for a walk , don t they ? СРОЧНО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ответы и объяснения

1) He will help about the houses.
2)She will do her homework in the evening.
3)They will buy a new game in the afternoon.
4)Your little sister usually goes to bed at 8 o`clock, does`n she?
5)I had a good time there.
6)She won`t go to school tomorrow.
7)They will (are going to) play tennes next Sunday.
8) The weather is nice today, isn`t it?
9)Tom was at school, wasn`t he?
10)They went for a walk, didn`t they?