Используя следующие конструкции,Используя следующие конструкции, перефразируйте предложения как в примере: а)as..as, b)not so...as/not as...as.
Пример: My grandfather is younger than he looks/
a) My grandfather isn`t as old as he looks.
b) My grandfather is not so old as he looks.
1. The examination is more difficult than we expect.
2. This book is less interesting than that one.
3. Tokyo is exciting but for musicians London is more exciting than Tokyo and, of course, New York is the most exciting of all.
4. London is, of course, much older than New York, but it is younger than Rome
5. New York has more parks than Tokyo, but less than London
6. Everything is cheaper in our country than in yours.
7. This business trip is less important for our firm than you think.
8. We are more tired today after our tiring job than usual.


Ответы и объяснения

1.a)The examination isn't as easy as we exoect.
b)The examination is not so easy as we expect.
2.a)This book isn't as interesting as that one.
b)This book is not so interesring as that one.
3.a)Tokyo isn't as exciting as London,but London isn't as excting as New York.
b)Tokyo isn't so exciting as London,but London isn't so exciting as New York
4.London isn't as younger as New York,but isn't so older as Rome.
5.New York hasn't as less parks as Tokyo,but hasn't so more as London.
6.Everything isnt as exspensive as in your country
7.This business trip isnt more important for our firm as than you think.
8.we arent as less tired today after our..as