Надо изменить предложения используя too и enough
1.it`s warm outside.you needn`t a sweater
2.this pullover isn`t cheap.don`t buy it
3.don`t try these jeans on. they are short
4.there are a lot of books on the shelf.it can break
5.put this dress to a party on. it`s so attractive
6.this jacket is expensive. i can`t buy it
7.the tea is warm. drink it
8.the tea is very hot. don`t drink it
9. the book is so boring. i wouldn`t like to read it
10. this tie is long. choose another one


Ответы и объяснения

1 too warm
2 cheap enough
3 too short
4 здесь ничего
5 даже не знаю может вместо so attractive - too
6 too expensive
7 warm enough
8 is too hot
9 boring enough
10 too long