Some people believe that it is not difficult to became a pop singer nowadays bot others disagree

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So, some people believe that it is not difficult to became a pop singer nowadays but others disagree. I dissagree with them. It is not very easy to becoe a pop, or a usual singer. First you are might to havea nice voice, what is very rare in our society. Then when someody says that you sing magicly,you have to go to a audience where you probably ill recomended for for a well-known musician you have to train hard and to sing a lot which is not easy at first. If you are doing well you would go toa musical concert and probably win... but, are you ready for all this??
If you decided to become a pop-singer, first you have to understand, what is waiting for you on the way for theese career?...
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I think that it is very difficult to be a popular man or pop singer. It is a big responsibility. Popular people are always in the center of events and ordinary people look at them, condemn and love them very much. To become a popular singer is still more difficult. First, you need to have a beautiful voice and great strength of will, secondly, you must have a great desire and, of course, a lot of money. I wouldn't be famous, it's not for me.

Я считаю, что очень трудно быть популярным человеком. Это большая ответственность. Популярные люди всегда находятся в центре событий и обычные люди смотрят на них, осуждают и  очень любят. Стать популярным певцом тем более очень трудно. Во-первых, нужно иметь прекрасный голос, огромную силу воли, во-вторых, большое стремление и, конечно, много денег. Я бы не смог стать знаменитым, это не для меня.