Пожалуйста помогите раскрыть скобки. Это очень срочно. Заранее большое спасибо
Раскройте скобки,
употребляя глаголы в форме Past Perfect или Past Simple

She (to telephone) him
three times but he ( to leave) the city.

2. Alan ( to hope) that he ( not to come) yet.

3. I (to think) that he ( not to refuse) to go
to the theatre.

4. When he ( to find) his purse, somebody ( to
take) money out of it.

You ( to get ) home before it ( to start) raining?

Cathy ( to say ) that she ( to find) this puppy in the street.

7. The room ( to be ) empty: everybody ( to go)

8. They already ( to leave ) when the trouble (
to start)?

9.Why you ( not to recognize) him? - He ( to
change) a lot.

Jenny ( to have) dinner before mother ( to come)?

It ( to be ) my first time I ( to fly).

12. Martin ( to go ) to the park before you ( to

13. When he ( to be) a teenager, he ( to study)
guitar for two years.

14. He ( to tell) me he already ( to pay) a

15. The principal ( to be angry) when he ( to
see) that pupils ( not to leave) the classroom yet.

16. When I ( to open ) the door, I (to see) that
he ( to look) as if he Just ( to wake) up.

17 It ( to be) his first time he ( to jump) with

18 She ( to have) no doubt that I ( to make) a
great mistake.

19. It ( to be) the second time she ( to make)
that mistake.

20. They ( to be) surprised when they ( to
understand) that he ( to give ) them a false name.


Ответы и объяснения

She telephoed, he left
hopes, he hasn't come yet
think, won't be refuse
found, had taken
have you get, started
said, had found или has found (не уверена:()
was, has gone
have they already left, started
didn't recognize, he has changed
had, came
will be, fly
had martin gone, arrived
was, has studied
told, he has already payed
was, saw, haven't left
opened, saw, was looking, wakes up
will be, jumped
had, made
was, has made
will be, understood, gave
извините, если будут ошибки, со временами у меня проблемс саймтаймс
так тут же нужно только в past simple или past perfect
чеерт. сорри, значит я не так написала, говорю же, проблема с временами:D но переделывать не буду
да ничего страшного )
хорошо, и извиняюсь еще раз(
Я тоже не уверена , но напишу
1.telephoned , had left
2. Hoped , hadn't come
3. Thought , didn't refuse
4. Found , had taken
5. Had got, started
6. Said , had found
7. Was, had gone
8. Had left, started
9. Didn't recognize, changed
10. Had had, came
11. Was, had flown
12. Had gone , arrived
13. Was, had studied
14. Told , had paid
15. Was , saw, hadn't left
16. Не знаю
17. Was, had jumped
18. Не знаю
19.was , had made
20. Were, understood , hadn't given