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Baker Street — the brisk street in Merilebon's London region (northern part of Westminster) of two and a half kilometers. Is part of Highway A41.
It is most known in connection with Arthur Conan Doyle's well-known character private detective Sherlock Holmes. According to a plan of the author, the great detective lived on Baker Street, in the house 221B which in reality doesn't exist.
The street received the name in honor of builder William Baker who has laid it in the XVIII century. Originally there was a residence for the highest estate, however today on Baker Street generally settle down commercial and trade real estate. Post code — NW1/W1.
The street stretches to the south from Ridzhents-park, in parallel Gloucester-pleys, crosses Merilebon Road, York Street, Portman Square and Uigmor Street. On crossing from Uigmor Street of Baker Street passes to Orchand Street which in turn comes to an end on crossing from Oxford Street. On the street the metro station of the same name settles down. Near station there is a lost and found office on transport. Baker Street station — the first station of the subway in the world. In 1990 on Baker Street Sherlock Holmes's museum opened, and as a result the hero of the novel had quite real house, at once round the corner — Madame Tussauds museum. Absolutely nearby there is a shop devoted to the Liverpool four of Beatles, and opposite to it — rock music shop.
In 1835 on Baker Street the first constantly operating exposition of Wax museum of Madame Tussauds was open. In 1884 the museum moved, and now is round the corner, on Merilebon Road.
In 1940 on Baker Street Management of special operations — the British prospecting and diversionary service working during World War II took place.
From December 7, 1967 to July 30, 1968 to Baker Street address, 94 there was "Apple Boutique", one of the first enterprises of Beatles "Apple Corporation".
Many years on Baker Street the head office of the Marx and Spencer company is no time largest in Great Britain to a network of retail trade (in 2004 the company transferred the base on Paddington Basin) settled down.
In the 1960th on Baker Street there lived the well-known British singer Dasti Springfild.
On September 11, 1971 in office "Lloyd bank" on Baker Street there was the well-known theft from depository cells. Total amount of the stolen made 3 million pounds (in the prices of 2008 — 32 million pounds)