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Раскройте скобки, употребляя гла­голы в Past Simple или Past Continuous.

1. When I (to
come) home, my little sister (to sleep). 2. When Nick (to come) home, his
brother (to play) with his toys. 3. When mother (to come) home, I (to do) my homework. 4. When father
(to come) home, Pete (to sleep). 5. When mother (to come) home, the children
(to play) on the carpet. 6. When I (to get) up, my mother and father (to drink)
tea. 7. When I (to come) to my friend's place, he (to watch) TV. 8. When I (to
see) my friends , they (to play)
football. 9. When I (to open) the door,
the cat (to sit) on the table. 10. When Kate
(to open) the door, the children (to dance) round the fir-tree. 11. When
Tom (to cross) the street, he (to fall).
12. When I (to go) to school, I (to meet) my friend. 43. When we (to go)
to the cinema, we (to meet) grandmother. 14. When grandmother (to go) home, she
(to see) many children in the yard. 15. When Henry (to walk) about in the
forest, he (to find) a bear cub. 16. When we (to walk) about in the for­est, we
(to see) a hare. 17. When I (to wash) the floor, I (to find) my old toy under
the sofa. 18. When granny (to read) a book on the sofa, she (to fall) asleep.
19. When I (to play) in the yard, I suddenly (to see) my old friend. 20. When
Nick (to run) about in the yard, he (to fall).


Ответы и объяснения

Лучший Ответ!
1. I came home ; was sleeping
2. came ; was playing
3. came ; was doing
4. came ; was sleeping
5. came ; were playing
6. got up ; were drinking
7. came ; was watching
8. saw ; were playing
9. opened ; was sitting
10. opened ; were dancing
11. was crossing ; fell
12. was going ; met
13. were going ; met
14. was going; saw
15. was walking ; found
16. were walking ; saw
17. was washing ; found
18. was reading; fell
19. was playing ; saw
20. was running ; fell