(1) Use Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous:: 1) I can' t believe that it (be) only three years since I met you. 2)"How long you (be) here?" Тоm demanded quietly. 3) We (not meet) Katya for а long time. Не (change) very much? 4) Listen to те, all of you. I (come) with the most terrific news. 5) This flat is just what I (look for). 6) I trust you. After all I (know) you all ту life. 7) I want you to remember that I never (ask) you for anything before. 8) Ivan (go) to Europe for а holiday. I myself never (be) there. 9) What' s that noise? — Vasya (break) а vase. 10) I (not wear) this coat for two years. 11) I’т so tired. I (clean) ту room since morning. (2) Will be doing or will have done? Make sentences with will be -ing and will have done. 1) Tomorrow Jean is going to swim from 1 о'clock until 3 о'clock. So, at 2 о'clock she ___________________________ 2) I’m going to watch а film from 8 о'clock until 11 о'clock this evening. So at 9.30 I ___________________________ 3) Му father is going to repair the car tomorrow morning from 7 о'clock until 8.45. Sо at 7.30 he ___________________ 4) I always go to school at 8 о'clock. So, at 9.30 in the morning tomorrow I ________________________ 5) Tim’s classes end at 1.30. So at 3 о'clock when mother comes to school Tim's classes ________________________ 6) We' re going to the theatre. The play begins at 5.30. So, at 6.00 when I reach the theatre the play ____________________


Ответы и объяснения


1)has been

2)have been

3)haven't met

4)has coming

5)have looking for

6)have known

7)has asked

8)has going,,, has been 

9)has broke

10)haven't wore(n)

11)has cleaning


1)will be swimming

2)will be watching...

3)will be repearing

4)will have done...

5)will have done

6)will be beginning