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I like to celebrate any holidays. It seems as if it is any unusual days in which surely there will be something interesting. In general, my favourite holiday is a New year because he is marked out by all people, everywhere the festive atmosphere. And birthday – an individual holiday in which the birthday man and his relatives participates only.Earlier when I was small, mother was engaged in the organization of my birthday. She invited my Godfathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, brothers and sisters, prepared a festive table, thought out different competitions and entertainments. And surely I baked a big pie with cream and chocolate into which inserted multi-colored candles.
But already few years I organize the birthday. Now it is more interesting to me to mark out him with friends. Therefore in the morning I am congratulated by parents, and then we gather with friends in my room and simply we communicate or we play games. We with mother any more nagotavlivay the whole mountain of dishes, and choose something original that you eat not every day. It strengthens the atmosphere of uniqueness of this day.I like to celebrate birthday with friends, because to us always cheerfully together. We laugh loudly almost all the time and what ridiculous photos when we dress up in ridiculous suits turn out!I like to receive gifts on birthday. Besides to me all the same, as far as gift useful and expensive. It is interesting to me that people choose for me, it shows what they see me. On my holiday always there are only people dear to me therefore for me there are no bad gifts. After all this their attention!I hope, as in many years close people will gather for each my birthday, and this day will always seem to me unusual and full of pleasant surprises