Помогите пожалуйста расставить союзы вместо скобок.ПЕРЕВОД ТЕКСТА МНЕ НЕ НУЖЕН!!!!!!!!!!
Chewing gum is popular with teenagers all (1) the world. Many people think that chewing gum comes from (2) United States, but it is not so. Actually, the Swedes invented it! In the mouth of a skeleton, which was nine thousand years old and found in Sweden, people saw a piece (3) chewing gum! The Greeks and the Indians also made some kind of chewing gum to clean their teeth and to make their breath fresh. At that time chewing gum (4) especially popular (5) women who wanted to look more beautiful. The American Indians made chewing gum from tree sap and wrapped (6) in tree leaves, so it was, one may say, the first packet of chewing gum! The Indians gave their chewing gum to the English (6) they first arrived and that is how Europe learned about it. But America was the first country to make chewing gum (7) commercial thing. In 1892 they started (8) advertise chewing gum all over the country. A lot of nice girls walked along the streets of many American cities, giving out free chewing gum. Billboards and neon lights (9) also used to attract people’s attention. William Wrigley was the man (10) organized the campaign. He became rich. During WW II American soldiers used chewing gum to relax and they gave it to kids, so European children liked it very much. Chewing gum became very popular and now everybody likes to chew it. Do you?


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1. Over 2. The 3. Of 4. Is 5. For 6. - 6. From-? 7. For 8. To 9. - 10. Who