какой смысл,это глагол или существительное?

Ответы и объяснения

1)This bycicle is mine
2)This book is mine
3)Do you like this bag? It's mine
4)This flower pot is mine
5)Theese notebooks are mine. Thank you.
6) That pen is mine
7)this dog is mine
8)Thais big present is mine!
9)could you give this labtop to me? It's mine
10)I wish this horse could be mine!
In this mine there is a lot of gold There are a lot of minesThe sapper neutralized this mineIn this mine my uncle worksThis mine is called "the gold press"Mine "emerald valley" fell off, 6 workers were lostI go to round on salty mine tomorrowI was told about floating mines, I was shockedIn Svetlogorsk found not neutralized minesIn 1897 Russia started putting mines automatically