Help me, my friend, please!!!!
мне нужно написать 5 связанных предложений(на английском конечно) на тему: "как вы тратите свои карманные деньги"
"напишите своё высказывание (мнение, позицию), используйте эти идеи:
1) why teenagers need pocket money
2)how much pocket money you would like to get
3)whether saving money is a good idea and why

Это достаточно просто даже для 6 ого класса
Угу просто. =)))) но я такая лентяйка, что аж в дрожь бросает, некоторых ))))
Мдаааа... Вы не одна такая =D

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All of teenagers need pocket money because they always need them to buy some food and drinks to bring them to walk. I need a lot of pocket money because i want to buy Xbox 360. I save my pocket money for three years. Now i have 20.000. But now I do not like to buy Xbox and i wants to buy a computer.
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1)Pocket money is not such a bad thing as smb think.
2)teenagers need to have pocket money because they can spend it on their different uses and to learn how they can work with money.
3)I want to get about 40-50 dollars a month, i guess it would be fine for everybody.
4)Saving money is a good thing because everytime you can spent it on yourself, or give it smb for a present for example.
5)Also, soon when you would need them you won't have to ask your mum or dad for it... You will have all)