Придумать задание на английском языке:)
(ребусы,загадки,кроссворд-типо такого)


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1 My aunt ________ very depressed last Sunday
a) was                     b)  were
2 They _______ not in the yard, they ________ in the living room
a) was? were            b) was?was
c) were?were            b)were?was
3 He _____ in the centre if Chicago
a) work                    b) works
c) working
4 ____ you ______ volleyball well?
a) Do, play           b) Do, playing
c) Does, play        d) Does, playing
5 My granny _______ after dinner 
a) sleep               b) sleeps
c) sleeping           d) sleeped
6 _________ Elvire ________ English, German and French?
a) Do, speaks        b) Does, speaks
c) Does speak    d) Do, speak